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    My Film Journal

    My name is Alexander Stockton and I have a film journal. I always thought the idea of having a diary was cool but too girly and could never keep up with one. When I decided I wanted to be a filmmaker, I thought a journal would be the perfect way for me to organize all my thoughts and ideas, helping me progress. It turned out to be amazing: I planned and critiqued every film I made; I critiqued other films; I took notes from professionals and works; I wrote down ideas and contact info to people who might be useful. And people saw me using it… and were impressed by it. I have let many people look at parts of it, and a couple see the whole thing. Not trying to sound cocky, but they said they were inspired by it, and that I should publish it, and that I should never stop using it. So I decided to publish it, in a limited version. With some parts ommitted and the entire thing annotated, here it is, photos of every page. And the greatest part is that it will keep coming. With every page I publish, another is written, and soon that will be published, too. Follow along as I take on an extremely difficult endeavor. By doing so, by watching my films and leaving me comments, questions, or anything, you are contributing. Be a part of what I call a wake of change. While I hope you will help me, my true desire is to see you start your own, too.

    Find me at www.alexanderstocktonfilms.com

    And enjoy!

Producing Films that Change Lives, Change Minds, Change Change. Film is the new medium: I want to teach, leave my impact, create my wake of change through them.